Stage fright


This is my submission for White Noise Zine. Theme is “useless”.
And again – it got too wide. So click to enlarge.

singing in the woods II


A friend of mine told me about the bachelor-project of a student who collects selfportraits of illustrators for her thesis about the own drawing style. This is what I submitted. It’s pretty much a remake of an older drawing of myself (this one). It’s very interesting to see your own style change over the years.

i present you…


I recently found a new band.
I like them.

Personal space


There was this booth of a project at university where you and a friend could test your personal space.

(Translation: Yeaaah… – Enough, huh?)

Day 17


Day 17 – plant

Day 16


Day 16 – Inspiration
Maybe you shouldn’t look at the gif for too long…

Day 15


Day 15 – family picture

Day 14


Day 14 – Fairytale
I chose the story “Däumelinchen” by Hans Christian Andersen.

Day 12


Day 12 – Most recent accomplishment
A month ago I had a little gig with my old friend Anyos.
It felt so good to be back on stage since it was the first time
in five years and I want to start having more gigs again.

Day 10


Day 10 – favorite candy. Chiiiiiiiips.