Workingworkingworking and it’s like 30° outside (and inside) – my brain’s melting.
I’ve been working on this one the whole day but now I don’t like it anymore and it doesn’t look like I wanted it to. Sometimes it’s getting better after some distance, so I guess I’ll stop now, get some ice cream and prepare dinner.
Does anyone have an idea how to scan line drawings really good? I have the feeling my scans should be better.



I finally have an own domain!

day 11


Day 11 – Turning point in your life.

Last weekend we wanted to visit friends who live a 4 hour trip away. We made a stop after two hours to rest and check if everything’s okay ’cause the car had some troubles and had been in repair. It lost oil and after we put in new oil the car started to smoke like mad so we had to decide to turn all the way back home.

day 9


Day 9 – favorite tv-program. Which is basically almost every documentation about some historical or archaeological topic. By the way I think this drawing challenge is thinking too much in absolutes. At least I mostly don’t have one favorite something.

day 6


Day 6 – favorite book character.

I drew Sissy Hankshaw the protagonist of “Even Cowgirls get the Blues” by Tom Robbins. I am not sure about the style since I wanted it to appear a bit like the cover of the edition I have. But the original is way too cool to copy and I’m not a big fan of using color in my drawings.

day 4




Day 4 – favorite place

Komo Beach

day 1


Day 1 – draw yourself

day 2


Day 2 favorite animal – of course Trixi (the dog).

day 3


I started doing this 30 days drawing challenge – I actually don’t draw everyday one picture but it’s a nice exercise. So, this is day 3 favorite meal, which was hard for me because I don’t have one favorite meal. But one of them is (selfmade) burgers and they look really awesome (better than tarte flambée or gallo pinto). By the way! Luchie (who has no idea who I am – but I really like her blog) brought me to the idea of the 30 days drawing challenge.



Looking forward to the barbecue-season!