Day 13


Do they have to play this shit at the gym?!
(In my opinion it doesn’t have to play anywhere.)

Oh and day 13 is comic

Day 12


Day 12 – Most recent accomplishment
A month ago I had a little gig with my old friend Anyos.
It felt so good to be back on stage since it was the first time
in five years and I want to start having more gigs again.

Day 10


Day 10 – favorite candy. Chiiiiiiiips.

Duvet cover


I’m looking at you scandinavian furniture store.

Super Scrapped Robot


My dear friends Philip and Malte made an awesome game and Adrian made the awesome music!

It’s called ”Super Scrapped Robot“.
You’re playing a robot who has been thrown in the garbage and lost all his memory.
By putting on different hats he’s able to defeat all kinds of enemies coming across this strange and shattered planet.

They’ve been working on it for such a long time and I think they can be really proud of themselves!!!



Workingworkingworking and it’s like 30° outside (and inside) – my brain’s melting.
I’ve been working on this one the whole day but now I don’t like it anymore and it doesn’t look like I wanted it to. Sometimes it’s getting better after some distance, so I guess I’ll stop now, get some ice cream and prepare dinner.
Does anyone have an idea how to scan line drawings really good? I have the feeling my scans should be better.



I finally have an own domain!



The reason why I didn’t post the last days is that I’m working on a school project. I make a comic about the development of language. It’s much fun but still much work to do.

mean old mammoth


Testing sizes of a mammoths for a project in school I’m working on.

(I had to color it because the black cartridge in my printer has been empty for ages).

day 11


Day 11 – Turning point in your life.

Last weekend we wanted to visit friends who live a 4 hour trip away. We made a stop after two hours to rest and check if everything’s okay ’cause the car had some troubles and had been in repair. It lost oil and after we put in new oil the car started to smoke like mad so we had to decide to turn all the way back home.